Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok...kali neyh aku nk tlg member2 yg amik mekatronik mcm aku dulu.semoga info ini dpt bantu korang..just berkongsi info.

What is Mechatronic?
Term mechatronics---->integration of microprocessor control system, electrical system and mechanical system.

Example of a marriage btwn electronic control system and mechanical engineering.
Auto - focus, auto exposure camera.
1) What do you have to do take the photo?
-Point it at the subject and press the button to take the picture.
2)The camera automatically adjusts the focus so that the subject is in focus and automatically adjust the aperture and shutter speed so that the correct exposure is given.

The automatic camera,automatic production line
(involve a member of production processes which are all automatically carried out in the correct sequence and in the correct way)


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