Friday, November 13, 2009

Pertama Selamanya

I want to told you about the place that thougt me to become a genius,the place I found my BFF,my enemy,the backstabber,the poyo2 ones,the gedix one,the one who think she is so clever and she can survive out there but actually she can't,the one were so nakal and now become inspector shahab,ah short the story the place I meet all kind of people, who actually a caterpillar waiting time to become a beautiful butterfly or the ugly.My polytechnic and university...

POLITEKNIK UNGKU OMAR we go.My most memorable place.My first love was at here and my frenz..ahhhhh

PUO were the first poly that has been built at Malaysia and ranking 1st at that time.

The environment..hurm..peaceful!!

Aku amik Diploma Kejuruteraan Mekatronik.A very rare engineering at that time.WHere ever u go, people will ask back."amende tue?"haaha.Nowadays it has been established and I can see my course in requirement to find a last...

I miss my classmates (almost dak2 lelaki yg nakal,4 gadis je kan),my Jalan Sari Cempaka,kentang kat umah besar,gerai nasi 2 ringgit,environment dalam poli tue,ahh..i miss everything at Ipoh..(kecewa dulu Raja Nazrin kawen)...juga time dak2 kapal lalu dengan pakaian seragam diorang.hehehe


Everyone know UM is the oldest uni and place ranking no 1 in Malaysia.Okay no need to mention it.

Not much I want to say about my memory at here.

People not friendly.Of course it's KL,my dear..

People culture shock.Of course my dear, it's KL again.Bangsar is next to UM,Hartamas around here, Mid Valley just beberapa inch, transportion just said it..semua ada.It's KL, the city that never sleep!!

Okay enuff....I not very like to be at UM eventhough it the grand,the "care-environment" konon!!the uni that has been stated in paper..or watever.The reason aku suka kat sini, dekat ngan umah.Ala duk Ipoh dulu pun boleh balik hari..tada kisah lah

My course are very rare too..CADCAM engineering..the only one at Malaysia..yeah..tq!

okay..malas nak cerita banyak..aku cuma bersyukur dpt kat UM kerna dapat berjumpa cendiakawan,ilmuwan yang hebat2 belaka dan jumpa korang."Korang" tau sape yg aku maksudkan..yes korang.

The point here....tempat-tempat aku pergi belajar adalah tempat yang paling tua di Malaysia,ranking pertama di Malaysia, Course yang rare,baru dan agak susah...seee

okay..sambung study CNC...nak exam

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